Audition in the UK/EU

The audition process in the UK/EU

If you are auditioning in the US or Canada, a different audition process will apply. 

Your first audition will be comprised of three parts: A collaborative workshop, a short interview and an individual monologue performed to a small group. This can be a monologue  from a play of your choice, but if you need some ideas, take a look here for a selection of classical monologues, as well as links to some contemporary pieces. If you’re successful you’ll be asked back for a recall audition which will take the full day.  

Here are some things to take note of: 

  • We’ll let you know the date of your audition about two to three weeks prior to the date, but it may be shorter notice, so make sure you’re prepared.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early as your audition slot will start on time. Overall, the process should last no longer than two and a half hours.
  • You won’t be able to use any props, so don’t choose a monologue which is reliant on any.
  • You can edit your monologue, but make sure it makes sense as a stand-alone speech. For example, if you are combining two short pieces to lengthen your monologue, make sure that it flows well.  
  • Dress comfortably in clothes in which you can move easily.
  • We like to see auditions that have been prepared without the help of someone else as we want to see your own character choices  and interpretation of the text. 
  • If you’ve applied for multiple courses, we will consider you for all courses in one audition. 

Step 1: First round auditions   

You’ll share your audition time slot with about 12 other applicants. You will first take part in a short group workshop which will be around 20 -30 minutes long. After this, half of the group will leave the room and will have short individual interviews lasting no longer than five minutes. This will be with either a member of the admissions team or a LAMDA graduate. The remaining half of the group will perform their monologues to the panel (please note that these monologues will be performed in front of the other applicants). At this stage the panel will be made up of two members of the LAMDA audition team. Then the two halves of the group will swap.  

Please note this is a new format, so it may change slightly, but be prepared for all three parts. If you’re auditioning outside of London, there may not be a separate interview.  

Step 2: Notification of results 

After the audition, you’ll receive your result within two weeks. We’ll let you know if: 

  • You’re successful and we’d like to invite you back for a recall audition. 
  • You’ve not been successful this time. 
  • If we think you may be better suited for a different course.  

Step 3: Recall audition  

If you are offered a recall, you’ll receive a date for your recall audition about two to three weeks beforehand with full details of what to expect. This audition will take the full day and will be held at LAMDA in West London.

Step 4: Application notification and waitlisting   

After the recall audition, you’ll receive your result within two to three weeks. We’ll let you know if: 

  • You’re successful and we’d like to welcome you aboard. 
  • You’ve not been successful this time. 
  • You have been waitlisted for a place on  a course.

Audition dates and locations

11-12 Jan

18-19 Jan

25-26 Jan

25-26 Jan

1-2 Feb

8-9 Feb

15 -16 Feb

22-23 Feb

22-23 Feb

26-27 March

Audition process FAQs

LAMDA training is rigorous and intensive as we believe in helping nurture the next generation of trailblazers and creative artists. So as well as evident acting ability, you’ll need to have a dedicated attitude and a limitless imagination. We believe that drama is a collaborative art form and our training is based on the ethos of ensemble, so you’ll need to have a willingness to work in a group and the capability to be adaptive and receptive. Our training is thorough and so we’ll also be looking for a readiness to work hard. Each course page has a detailed description of the different criteria.  

We are not concerned about your academic experience or qualifications. We welcome applications from everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or if you have any disabilities, as long as you are passionate about developing your talent and learning new skills. However, if you're applying for our MFA Professional Acting or MA Classical Acting courses, you will need a BA degree or equivalent, or relevant professional experience.  

Please let us know in advance if you need any adjustments or special requirements made to your audition due to a disability.  If you have a disability that is not visible, for example dyslexia or epilepsy, please let the LAMDA Registrar know so that we can make sure any facilities are available for you if appropriate. Any information you give us won’t affect your application and will remain confidential. We’ll only let other staff members know with your permission.  

Your speech should be a monologue from a play of your choice. This can be any piece, but if you need some ideas, take a look here for a selection of classical monologues, as well as links to some more contemporary pieces. 

There are only a very limited number of places available at LAMDA. If you’re not offered a place straight away, you may be placed on a waiting list. This means if someone who was offered a place decides not to accept their place, it may become available to you. The waitlist will be in operation until the August prior to the start of the course.  

We are hoping to be able to offer brief feedback on first auditions on a trial basis during the 2019-20 application cycle. However, feedback will be given during the recall auditions. The audition team’s decision is final, and any feedback provided will not alter the decision taken.  

The audition procedures are intended to be fair and transparent. When you apply for a place at LAMDA, your entry is on the understanding that there is an acceptance of the professional judgement of the audition team. The only grounds for an appeal are if you feel that your audition was not judged fairly and can clearly demonstrate the reasons why this was the case.  

All appeals must be made in writing within two weeks of the audition date, not the result.  

The full policy and procedures for appeals and complaints to do with admissions is available here

We record all recall auditions and in some instances may record your first-round audition (this will be made clear on the audition day). This is to help the audition team make their decisions and to ensure standards and consistency are maintained.    

All recordings will be subject to GDPR guidelines and will be deleted once a final decision has been made regarding an applicant's result.  

Recall auditions are currently scheduled to take place in early April. If you intend to  travel from overseas to audition for us , we will try and schedule you in for your first audition at the end of March, so that if you are recalled you may be able to complete both rounds over a few days.  Alternatively, you can give us your preferred dates when you apply and we will try to accommodate them, but we cannot guarantee this.